5G Solution
5g optical cable with low loss, high bandwidth and low delay
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5G Solution

Control the cost of core modules from the source to achieve low cost while bringing greater economic benefits.

5G Solution

Iteratively upgrade the current 5G optical fiber, optical module and other products, and extend the data center, ICT business and Internet applications.

Research and develop new optical fiber communication infrastructure, use large effective area ultra-low loss special optical fiber, and develop low loss, high bandwidth, low delay and large core count 5G optical fiber cable

Continue to focus on 5G communication infrastructure products, solutions, etc. and industry applications, accelerate the development and reserve of large effective area ultra-low loss fiber, OM4/OM5 multimode fiber, improve the design and integration capabilities of 5G system solutions, and expand to the industrial Internet and At the same time, accelerate the cultivation and industrialization of technologies such as IoT sensing and industrial control information security to seize opportunities for industry development.

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Product Description
Product Description

G.654.E fiber


G.654.E fiber


G.654.E fiber


G.654.E fiber


G.654.E fiber


G.654.E fiber


G.654.E fiber

New 5G Technology
Technical difficulties and innovations of low-loss, high-bandwidth, and low-latency 5G optical cable projects
  • Strictly control the interval of the spray ring, the thickness of the ink in the spray ring, and the speed of the spray ring to ensure that the ink ring can be dried in time after spraying, and subsequent production is guaranteed.

  • The selection of the coloring mold, the temperature control of the ink pigment and the control of the pressure, the size of the LED light source, and the matching of the coloring speed have a greater impact on the coloring of the optical fiber, and the control needs to be very precise.

  • The special design of single-tube 24 core or multi-layer stranding requires the modification of the fiber pay-off rack for the plasticizing process and the outer stranding table for the cable process to reasonably plan the path of the optical fiber and the sleeve.

  • Accurately control the excess length of the optical fiber in the casing and the reasonably designed twisting pitch, so that the optical cable has good mechanical and environmental performance.

Technical index
Low-loss, high-bandwidth, low-latency 5G optical cable product technical indicators

Tensile Properties

Long-term tension/short-term tension: 1500N/3000N, tensile rate 10mm/min; fiber strain is not greater than: 0.05/0.15%. The maximum additional loss of the optical fiber does not exceed 0.1dB.

Flattening Performance

Long-term pressure/short-term pressure: The maximum additional loss of 1000N/3000N fiber does not exceed 0.1dB, and the sheath has no visible cracks.

Impact Performance

Impact energy 10J, 25mm punch radius, 1 time per point, impact 3 points, additional optical fiber loss is less than 0.05dB

Environmental performance

At -40 to +70 degrees, each temperature point is 24 hours, 2 cycles, and the maximum attenuation increment of the fiber is required to be no more than 0.05dB/km.

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